You Ate What After Running?!

I am known for being straight up with people.  If you ask me what I think I’m going to tell you.  So when a friend recently told me, rather proudly, that she ran 10 miles and went back to eat an egg white omelet and salad I really couldn’t help my response.  I looked at her and asked, “Are you freakin’ kidding me?  You ran 10 miles and you don’t feel your body is entitled to a yolk?”

Seriously, your body needs fuel, especially when you’re active, and it requires whole foods to get the appropriate nutrition.  You need fats, you need carbs, and you need protein.  A yolk holds an amazing amount of goodness; anything that is naturally brightly colored is full of vitamins and nutrients.

In the case of the yolk it has choline which plays a key role in brain health and keeps your circulatory system clear of inflammation.  Inflammation is what leads to a variety of diseases. It has a unique protein that keeps platelets from clumping together in blood vessels, minimizing heart attack.  It maintains bone health with Vitamin D and it has lutein which keeps your vision sharp.

When you eat fragmented foods you are not getting the nutrients your body needs.  They are generally lacking in key vitamins, fiber, protein or fats.  A runner is fueled by carbohydrates and fats, it’s what provides energy during a long run.  By not refueling properly you tank on your next run.  A normal run becomes unnecessarily hard and it takes the body longer to recover.

So eat the yolk and add in a piece of whole grain toast, a side of grits, or oatmeal.  Your body will thank you. Interested in more tips on what to eat and why?  I have a recording of my teleclass that you can listen to.  The call in number is: 1 209-255-1099 and the access code is: 842695.