Winter Break, Running in the Warmth

OrlandoI went away with my husband for a long weekend last week. He booked a trip to Orlando for our 21st anniversary. It was wonderful to be warm for a few days! I took advantage of mornings that were in the 50’s and 60’s by running outside.

The hotel had a running path but it was .6 miles and even going off path didn’t bring me to a full mile. After 2.5 miles I left knowing I would be bored out of my mind trying to get to 6, no matter how lovely the route was.

I felt the kind of happy freedom I used to get when we were on break from school. So much so that I went out way too fast without realizing it. It was humid out so I thought maybe that was why I was getting tired. I started incorporating a few walking breaks into the run.

I did my usual pep talk. “You’ve got this, you’ve run in warmer temperatures with this humidity. You can do it. If you need to stop and buy water there are plenty of places to stop.” Yes, I should have brought water along too. Flying tends to dehydrate me which I didn’t take into consideration.

Still by the time I finished I felt pretty good, even though my watch told me I ran 20 seconds faster per minute than I have been. This is while following a run/walking plan! The next day I did a slower recovery run which felt easy.

Our flight home was cancelled due to winter storms. I fully took advantage by running on Monday morning, the businessmen in the lobby looked at me like I was crazy. I should have checked at the desk to see where a good place to run was but he was busy so I just went out.

It turned out to be perfect. The hotels and corporate park had man made ponds, gardens, ducks and the Marriott even had a vegetable and herb garden. Props to the Marriott, they had a beautiful outdoor area. Hammocks and Adirondack chairs by their lake, gardens, comfy seating around the pool and outdoor bar. I imagine the inside was also lovely if they took this much care with the outside.

I’m back in the cold and not looking forward to the layers and freezing cold!

What weather do find optimal for running?

Do you run or workout while on vacation?