Will I Never Learn?!

Poison ivy plant isolated on black backgroundI was having a very productive day around the house on Monday. I got side-tracked when I took the dog outside and decided to do some yard work while I was out there. It was beautiful out and the weeds were wild so I couldn’t help myself. I also figured an hour of yard work was more fun & effective than working out to a video. I’d take care of two things at once!

I was yanking weeds with abandon and I didn’t put on gloves. I also had on a tee-shirt, bad move. I now have a rash that’s itchy as hell. Last time I had this I was told it’s contact dermatitis and was given some cream that didn’t really work. Nothing worked until my cousin took pity on me and had another cousin give me a tube of heavy-duty cortisone cream.

This time I went to the dermatologist and found out it’s not contact dermatitis, it’s poison ivy. I also have some eczema that now has poison ivy on top of it. I’m found out I’m not supposed to put the cream on with my fingers but with a Q-tip. That (and the scratching rubbing) would explain why every day I wake up with a few more spots.

It’s not the worst case of poison ivy but it’s still uncomfortable. Do yourself a favor and protect yourself while working out in the yard. Even better, learn what poisonous plants look like before you end up touching them!

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