Why Judging Doesn’t Help

yoohooLast week some of my friends were angry over another bloggers post. She criticized a fellow parent for buying Yoohoo for his overweight daughter at 5:30 pm. The issue was it was close to dinner time (or what she believed their dinner time to be), it was full of sugar and the child already has a weight issue.

Others were upset that she was judging the parenting of this person, that it wasn’t her business what the child had and who knew if it was a once in a while treat. She was also accused of raising her kids to be “assholes” because of her attitude. (Really?!)

I will say flat-out I’m not a fan of giving empty calorie sugary drinks to children. We clearly have a problem with childhood obesity, kids learn their eating habits from those who raise them and there are better choices that could be made.

On the other hand saying no to every treat makes them that much more tempting. I know as a kid I used to buy Swiss rolls with money my uncle gave me because my mother wouldn’t keep them in the house. Maybe they were eating dinner late and the father wanted his child to have something she enjoyed to tide her over.

It’s hard not to judge when you see a shopping cart full of unhealthy choices and when you see overweight children eating unhealthy foods. Making judgments to a parent, no matter how well-meaning, is only going to make them defensive. If they’re truly clueless about food there are better ways to educate.

There are a variety of programs aimed at helping kids lead healthier lives, including 4-H, the YMCA and Action For Healthy Kids.

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