Why I’m Not a Fan of Resolutions

Everywhere you look there are ads for weight loss companies & products, for gym memberships and equipment, for quitting smoking and ways to improve yourself.  People are talking about their New Year’s Resolutions and what they want to do in the new year.  The thing with resolutions is by February or March they have fallen by the wayside.
The diet, the exercise plan, the no smoking resolution and the other goals have slipped because the plan was too daunting and there wasn’t any support.  I like to set an intention and engage others in supporting me and my goals.  I imagine how I’ll feel once my goal is reached and what the outcome will be.  Setting an intention seems less stringent to me and having support is crucial for a new goal.  Starting a new workout is easier when you have a trainer and someone you are somewhat accountable to or who can show you new moves safely.  Imagine how it would feel to be able to run a 5k or to lift weights:  What would your body look and feel like?  How would your mood improve?  How much more confidence would you feel?

It is possible and doable to start a new eating program on your own.  It’s much easier with a health coach than it is doing all the research yourself.  It’s like learning a new language with a teacher rather than reading it on your own.  I had a coach help me and it opened up a whole other way of eating for me.  I didn’t want to count calories for the rest of my life, I wanted to enjoy food, I wanted to be a healthy weight and live a fit and happy life.  Now I do the same for others and it makes me happy to have someone tell me their energy levels are higher and she’s feeling so much more vital in her daily life.  Imagine not having a 3 pm energy crash and needing caffeine and sugar to keep going.  Imagine fitting into those jeans that are stuck in the back of your drawer or closet. 

The final piece of advice is to keep your expectations realistic.  It will take work on your part to reach a goal and it might not change your entire life but it should have a good impact on your daily life.

So set your intentions and keep the following in mind:
What are you goals? 
Who will support you?
What will it feel like when you reach that goal?
What would realistically change in your life? 

If you would like a complimentary health consultation send me an email at janinemchale@empoweredplate.com.  Together we will come up with a plan to help you reach your goals in a way that’s fun and unique to you.

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