Why I Will Not Do Another Running Streak

I did itI participated in a Turkey Trot Thanksgiving day after not having run for about a week. It was cold and I ran with some friends who were faster than me for motivation. I PR’d and on that high decided I would take part in the Runner’s World Running Streak Challenge. I would do at least one mile every day from Thanksgiving through New Year’s. The idea behind the streak was to not lose running fitness during the holiday season.

I figured the days when I was supposed to rest I’d do one mile slow and days when I wanted to strength train I’d incorporate the mile as a warm up or as cardio intervals during the workout. The other days I would run as I normally did.

What I didn’t anticipate was disliking the challenge so much. It changed running from something I generally enjoy or feel good about doing into something I had to do. I started to dread the thought of getting a quick run in. A few days when I was very sore or tired I said to hell with it and walked instead. The mileage got done, even if I wasn’t technically running.

I also slowed down my strength training. Days when I pushed myself to run the mile or two I didn’t always feel like strength training too. Work was busy, the holidays were upon us and I squeezed the run in which left not much time for other workouts. Yes – I know people busier than me were working out but they also had someone making them dinner and cleaning their houses!

I saw it through as a matter of pride, so I could say I finished it. In the end I’d rather keep my fitness routine enjoyable so that I stick with it. For me that means cross training with activities that do not include running. I tell my clients pick something they love so they look forward to exercising, otherwise they will start making excuses not to do it. It’s advice I intend to follow as well.

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