When do you Push Through and When do you Skip a Run?

sneakersI can’t decide if I like these sneakers or not. They’re cute and they’re light but I need to run more in them.

Last week’s speed training went well. I did a pyramid program that incorporated 2 half-marathon pace laps , a 5k pace lap and one mile pace sprint followed by another 5k lap and 2 half-marathon laps. Each lap is followed by a 90 second recovery break. I felt good afterward. I did Barre and strength workouts twice and ran a slower run on Thursday.

Thursday my quad was a little achy. I think I pulled something during Barre on Wednesday and running irritated it. Friday morning my quad felt like a knife had been stuck in it. I iced, rested and limped along. Saturday I wasn’t sure if I should try my long run or not. My leg felt tender but it didn’t hurt. I figured I would go and see how many miles I could get in without the knife-like pain.

I was shooting for 10, after 7 it started to ache a bit. I decided I’d run/walk to 8 and then do a longer run on Sunday or Monday. I met up with my teammates who run/walk and ended finished up my miles with them and my coach. (The coach who is supposed to be taking the season off from coaching, but can’t resist running with us. Lucky for me)! I was okay running as long as I didn’t run hard or fast.I don’t know if the frigid weather was a blessing or curse.

Was I thrilled with the run? Not really but I don’t want to end up injured early on in my training. All things considered I was able to do more than I thought, which is what marathon training is all about for me. I did a slow recovery run on Sunday. I felt like my gait was off a little so I stuck with strength training on Monday. We’ll see what the rest of the week brings.

What do you do on cross-training days?

When do you sit a workout out and when do you push? (I will push through twinges and aches from saying hello to muscles I haven’t visited in a while; I won’t push through sharp pain).