What’s the Worst Health or Diet Advice You’ve Heard?

A friend of mine was violently sick recently and unable to eat for a few days.  A mutual friend told her, “well that’s what I long for after the holidays.  A good stomach bug so I can lose the weight that I gained.”  Um, really?

That drives me crazy on a couple of levels:  It makes it seem as if you cannot lose weight unless you’re ill.  It absolves you from having to take any action on your own.  If you’re not changing your habits that weight comes right back as soon as you start eating again.  I could go on but you get the point.

Another tip that I was told was to eat baby food.  Just the thought of that makes me gag.  Can you imagine eating pureed foods for all or most of your meals?  Again, how in the hell are you supposed to learn how to eat normally from that tidbit? I think I’d crave all sorts of foods after that diet.

So what’s the nuttiest thing you’ve heard?  And what do you really do in order to get your eating back on track?

For me, I go back to eating whole foods.  I pull out my 5 day Press the Reset Button cleanse and go to town.  On foods that taste great, I can chew, not feel deprived, and are easy to make.

I don’t have hours to prep and cook meals, I’m guessing you don’t either.  I’m not a gourmet chef but I am a solid home cook.  What’s better than sitting down to a hot, home cooked meal that you didn’t have to spend an hour prepping & cooking?

I’m leading a cleanse on Monday, January 7.  I’d love for you to join us.  You can visit my webpage to learn more information and to sign up: http://empoweredplate.com/press-the-reset-button-cleanse.html.