What Would Your Perfect Day Look Like?

glowing skinAre you taking care of yourself in all ways and giving yourself the time and attention you deserve? I’m talking about more than exercise and eating well. I’m talking about taking time for the things that feed your soul.

If you could plan one day just for yourself, without judgement or restriction, what would it look like from the moment you got up until the time you went to bed? Would it include anyone else?

Think about what you would wear, what you would eat, read, listen to, etc. Would you visit a place? a person? take a day trip? snuggle in bed? plan a spa day? read or watch movies? Would you cook or go out to eat?

There is no judgement here, at different times we want or need different things. Some days we really need time alone and other days we crave intimacy and relationship. Think about what is missing for you right now. What are you feeling deprived of?

How can you bring some of that back into your life? Can you make at least part of that perfect day a reality? Here’s my challenge, next Friday is Valentine’s Day. Who better to give a gift of love to than yourself? If you can’t take that day for your perfect day use it to plan when and where your perfect day can happen.

Document your day; take pictures, journal or draw it. Something to remind you how good you feel when you take the time to give yourself the radical self-care that you deserve. Let it become a habit. Make some space by saying no to the things that drain you and yes to those that bring you joy. In the words of business guru Marie Forleo: If it’s not a hell yeah, it’s a hell no!

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