What Went Right Race Day? Why I Felt So Good.

SI halfMy race went really well, despite my low expectations. A day or two before the race I decided to heck with it, I don’t care if I walk or if it’s not a great race. I’ll finish it and whatever happens so be it.

I slept really well the night before, which never happens. It’s honestly the first time I slept well before a half marathon. No lying awake or taking baths in the hopes of relaxing. It was nice to feel good on race morning. (the above photo is my team, I’m the second face from the left).

I forgot my Ipod which had me a bit worried, I’d never run a half without it. I figured I’d run with my friends and chat to distract myself. I started out running with them but after a few miles my pace was slightly faster and I ended up doing my own thing. I remembered to eat a few Honey Stinger chews before feeling tired and took water at every stop but one.

By the turnaround at 7.5 I felt good, at mile 8 I thought – hey I’m going to do this. I had no idea what my pace was at that point, I have to change the setting on my watch. It’s a hilly course and I did walk/run the monster hill until someone tried humor talking me up it. I called it my bitch and just full on ran the rest of it. It was mile 9 and the wind was kicking off the beach so I was feeling feisty.

By the finish I had enough gas in the tank to charge down the ramp while keeping my coach’s instructions in my head: stay inside, bank wide and run hard. I didn’t PR but my finish was darn close to my PR. I was proud and happy.

What did I learn? I do best when I’m relaxed and rested. I don’t need the music but I do like to chat along the way. I can stick with water as long as I have electrolyte chews and to push it when it feels good to do so.

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