What is the Story You are Telling Yourself?

weightlossblogWhat is holding you back? Lately I’ve been hearing: “I was told I have a problem and I should change my diet but it’s too hard.” “I can’t follow something where I can’t eat bread  (or cheese or whatever).” “I eat really healthy but I’ve gained weight.” “I could never run a half (or full) marathon.” “I know I need to lose weight but I’m afraid I’ll fail.”

We tell ourselves a lot of stories and we start to believe these stories as facts. Yes, changing your diet or thinking of training for a marathon can seem overwhelming. It’s daunting when you aren’t sure where to begin. This is where it helps to not look at the whole picture but simply the first two or three steps you need to take.

If you need to go gluten-free pick 2 things to change and work on that for two weeks. If you want to train for a race and you don’t run find a walk to run program that works for you. Need to lose weight? Be honest with yourself and really look at what you’re eating throughout the entire day.

You can make changes on your own, you can get a friend to help or you can work with a coach. Can you do it yourself? Absolutely. Would help get you there more quickly? Without a doubt. A friend can help you with accountability and support. A coach can get you to your goals faster by having the knowledge, helping you to change your mindset, holding you accountable and lending support. Few major athletes work without a coach because they know they’ll get better results with one.

I didn’t lose 50 pounds alone or train for my first half-marathon alone. Both times I had coaches and support to get me the results I wanted. When I felt it as too hard or I couldn’t make it I had support and some nudges. Best of all, I had steps to take and a plan to follow.

Do you need help taking those steps? Email me, janinemchale@empoweredplate.com, to help you put an action plan together.