What Inspires You? What Holds You Back?

nyc marathonLast week I watched friends run the New York City Marathon. It was incredibly inspiring to watch the runners head up 5th Avenue at the 22 mile point. There were a few who were struggling but many looked amazingly fresh and happy. I’m happy to say my friends looked fabulous and really enjoyed the experience.

It inspires me to run more, enjoy my runs and plan for a marathon myself. It’s a scary thought, the distance seems so far. 13.1 is also a big distance to run and doubling that seems daunting. But then seeing 50,000 people lined up to run that distance changes the thinking.

Watching people I’ve run with for months achieve a huge goal gives me the crazy thought that yes this is attainable. So what audacious sounding goal are you looking at? It doesn’t have to be running. What is it that you have a desire to do that you hesitate to even voice out loud or consider too seriously? What would happen if you actually reached that goal?

Start thinking about that goal and how you could break it down into bite sized manageable chunks. All major goals can start with one or two changes a week. Runners only increase long runs by 10% each week. People on my eating plan make 2 changes every two weeks, which gives them 50 new habits or changes by end of the program. Nothing crazy, there are challenges but it’s so much less daunting when you break it down.

And those voices in your head that say you can’t, it’s too hard or you’re not going to do it – they’re not real. Your excuses that seem to protect you are just holding you back. You can do great things, silence the negative voices with positive ones.

Do your goals seem unattainable? Email me, janinemchale@empoweredplate.com, to schedule an appointment to see how you can make your goals a reality. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!