Valentine’s Day – love it or hate it?

heartsDo you love Valentine’s Day or do you think of it as a Hallmark holiday? I’m somewhere in the middle. It reminds me of the pressures of New Year’s Eve to have fun. It can feel forced and disappointing if you are alone or if it’s a holiday your significant other chooses to ignore.

I think the day of love doesn’t have to be about romantic love. Love can be expressed with family, friends or for yourself. I like to keep Valentine’s Day low-key and spend time with people I enjoy.I also enjoy doing something special for myself.

I’m going to treat myself today. There will be a bath with candles, wine, chocolate and a book because that is something that makes me feel great. I’ve got a face mask picked out and I’m going to warm up the body lotion so I can continue the bit of luxury.

I’m making a favorite lunch of pancakes, bacon and berries. Dinner is going to be chicken mole or tikka masala – I haven’t decided yet. But it will be things that I enjoy and make a day feel special.

If you’re not doing anything in particular why not make your own celebratory night in. Order or cook yourself a favorite meal, pick out a movie and wear something fabulous. Paint your nails or give yourself a pedicure. Spoil yourself with whatever makes you happy.

Feeling more social? Grab a friend and do something fun together. Last week I met friends at the Campbell Apartment in Grand Central Station. It was a fabulous space that felt like a 1930’s salon. We had a cocktail, caught up with each other and laughed a lot. It was definitely a love-fest among friends.

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