Top 3 Tips for Getting Back on Track After Thanksgiving

Assortment of High Fiber FoodsI hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed the day of family, friends and foods. I’ve seen some posts of people complaining of how much they ate and the thoughts of leftovers. I try to think of the holidays as singular days. So the leftovers I have are turkey, vegetables and a little bit of stuffing. I purposely didn’t come home with dessert or heavy casseroles.

I find that it’s not what I do on the holiday, it’s what I do the days after that have the most impact on my eating plan. To counterbalance yesterday’s indulgences I decided to have a Savory Day today.  A Savory Day is a day when I don’t eat sweets at all.  It lets me balance out from the pecan pie, chocolate and wine from yesterday.  I’m eating oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast, smoked salmon with avocado & capers on whole grain bread for lunch and dinner is leftover turkey and vegetables.  If I need a snack it will be nuts or some carrots & hummus.

It’s also a Whole Foods Day, nothing I’m eating is processed.  It lets my body regroup from some eating that may not have been the healthiest choices.  These are good days to incorporate throughout the holiday season.  You’re not starving yourself nor are you constantly depriving yourself. It’s not fun being hungry and grumpy plus no one else wants to hang out with a grump.

Get some exercise in too.  It’s important to just move your body a bit every day. Find an exercise that makes you feel good, one that you won’t dread doing. I like getting a good sweat on, my brain is happy and I’m ready for any drama that may occur during the upcoming holiday.  There’s something about families in one location that brings out the crazy, but whatever.  I’m ready to deal.

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