5 Tools to Help You Reach Your Goals in 2014

cropped-running-with-dog1.jpgI’m a gadget girl. I love things that will save time and make my life easier so I can stay on track and reach my goal. I’m on the hunt for a running watch this year so I can keep track of my pacing. Below are some things that can help with some of your resolutions:

Is your goal to increase your exercise this year? Why not try one of the fit devices that tracks your activity, food and sleep to help you stay on track. These devices sync online or with your phone so you can get a better overall picture of your  If that seems too complicated  a simple pedometer can also help. It will remind you of how many steps you’ve taken or how much more you have to do to reach your daily goal.

aquazing-sp-blueWant to drink more water? Buy a cute water bottle or to go cup that you will reuse. Plain water not your thing? I have an Aquazinger that lets you put fruit, cucumber or herbs in the bottom of the  container and mashes it a bit so it infuses the water with flavor. There’s a strainer in the bottom so the pulp does not float up into the water. I like to put in berries with a bit of basil or cucumber and mint. It came with a bunch of other suggestions as well.

Do you want to eat healthier? Bring your lunch along to work. There are some great bento box style lunch boxes that don’t look like you’ve brown bagged it and keep your food from getting squashed. I like the salad container from Fit and Fresh Salad Shaker Container. It has an ice pack and a container for the dressing. Twist the container and the dressing goes onto the salad. Give it a shake to coat and it’s ready to eat.

Want to work out at home? Consider buying a subscription to an online workout group, such as DailyBurn or Gaiam TV. You will get access to a variety of workouts that match up with your fitness level. It will keep you from getting bored while letting you try new videos. An added benefit is if the workout is not what you want you can switch to something else, unlike a gym class where you may feel stuck.

Finally, are you like me and lose your jewelry when going to the gym or yoga class? I once lost my engagement ring when I was getting a massage and I almost kissed the receptionist who spotted it in the corner of the room. I received an accessory pouch from Active Activities this Christmas and it’s genius. There is a ring holder, small pouch that holds my bracelet & earrings and slot for money or credit cards. You can even store your Ipod & membership card in it on the way to the gym. Love it! I’ve added photos so you can see what it looks like. I toss it in my yoga bag or purse and no more hunting for my jewelry.








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Note: I did not receive any of these products for review nor do I receive compensation for the review. All opinions are completely my own.