Too Tired to Workout? 7 Tips to Bust Your Exercise Rut

I did itI’m so busy, I don’t have time to work out. I get bored exercising. I’d do that run if it were another time of the year. I’m just so tired at the end of the day, I need to relax. I feel guilty taking time away from my family.

Any of those sound familiar? I hear them quite a bit from clients, friends and even my doctor as to why they don’t exercise. I understand time is tight, it’s tight for most of us. We have various obligations and things to juggle during the day. It seems so much more enticing to sit on the couch than to go for a run or lift weights.

A healthier you will give you more energy and put in you in a better frame of mind. It keeps you happy and healthy, which your loved ones also benefit from. You can’t take care of everyone else when you are run down.

So how can you make exercise work in your routine?

Partner up with a friend to walk, hike or play tennis, something you both enjoy and will hold each other accountable for showing up. You can catch up with each other and motivate each other.

Make it something the family can participate in. Do you run? Your kids could bike along with you. Put a basket on a bike to hold your water.

Change up where you workout to keep it fresh. Run, walk or bike in a new neighborhood to keep it fresh. Even reversing your route makes it more interesting. Take a new class or buy a new video. If the workout is boring you won’t do it.

Schedule workouts the same way you schedule meetings or clients. Put it in at a time that is going to best work for you. That may mean early morning or late afternoon. Most gyms are empty around 2 pm.

When time is really tight break your workout down into 10 or 15 minute increments. 10 minutes 3 or 4 times a day is a great workout. You can focus on arms for 10 minutes, legs for another 10, do 10 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes of abs. Or you could do a full body 10 minute quickie workout, take walk breaks, dance, jump rope – the possibilities are endless.

Figure out what it is that you enjoy doing. You’re much more likely to follow through when it’s enjoyable. I love to dance and it never feels like I have to work out when a dance class is involved.

Sign up for a race or an event that you know you have to train for. Having a goal holds you accountable and you are more likely to keep up with your workouts.

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