Tired, Overwhelmed, Snappish. Sound familiar?

I’ve had a lot of things change for me this week and I’ve not been able to plan everything due to a fluctuating schedule .  The changes are positive and I’m happy for them.  It just is a lot at once and I wasn’t managing things as well as I could.  Which left me tired, a little overwhelmed and bordering on snappish.

I made sure that I was cooking healthy meals and that those meals came together within 20 minutes.  Honestly, that was about all I wanted to deal with.  But I knew I needed more time for me or I was going to be majorly cranky.  So when an appointment was cancelled and a break came in my day I took advantage of it.

Out came the Lush Bath Bomb, bath pillow, a favorite magazine, and some herbal tea.  The soak was just the right thing to relax and soothe me.  Afterwards I put on my comfy pjs and did some journaling.  Then it was an early night for me.  Honestly, just writing about it makes me relaxed and ready for a nap!

There are a variety of ways to do some serious self-care and all of us have things that work best for us.  The trick is doing those things before you fall into the frazzled state and to keep the overwhelmed feelings at bay.  Life doesn’t always work that way so having some self soothing tricks up your sleeve is a handy thing to have.

What do you do to take care of yourself?  Do you make time regularly for you?

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