The Pressure to Be Perfect

perfectMost of us put a crazy amount of pressure on ourselves to do things perfectly. I’m not saying you shouldn’t strive to do your best in most circumstances but perfect is generally not attainable. Or, at least, our idea of perfect isn’t attainable.

In a perfect world I’d be running every morning, my house would be clean (not even in wildest imagination do I think my house could be spotless), meals would be prepped ahead and I would have dinner ready well before 8 pm.

In truth, my house gets messy, I run or exercise when I have time that particular day, and some days we often eat dinner after 8 pm. What I get right; my meals are usually healthy, greens are washed and ready to go, there are healthy grab and go meal options for when I am crazy busy, and I fit exercise in.

I have run with friends who beat themselves up if they need to walk, run a little slower or end their run early. Listening the their bodies actually helps their next event, they’re not too exhausted to give it their best. Generally they do well at their races and sometimes even beat their envisioned times. The training may not be their idea of perfect but the results are pretty darn good.

I have a client who is frustrated with his meal choices but hates cooking. My job is to figure out if there’s anything he doesn’t mind making at home and how to have him order the best options for the rest of the time.

Is it perfect? Nope, but it’s better than eating junk food or meals that are supposedly healthy but don’t keep him satisfied. He has also confessed to hitting up the drugstore and grabbing candy at night. Seriously? I’d rather you ordered a meal or, at least, grabbed a yogurt and a piece of fruit.

So you don’t always buy organic, meals aren’t always from scratch and dry shampoo has become you’re biggest beauty must-have. The world isn’t going to end.

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