The Key to Healthy Meals

It’s one of those days.  You had to work late, hit traffic or missed your bus on the way home, and you start thinking about dinner but remember you didn’t go grocery shopping. When you get home you’re scarfing down the chips or cookies that you had for a treat.  You’re a bit disgusted with yourself, you’ve eaten some major calories and still don’t have a plan for dinner.

I can’t stress this enough:  a little preparation goes a long way.   A stop at the grocery store, farmer’s market or where ever you shop ensures that you have healthy foods on hand.  A little planning will give you leftovers and emergency meals along the way.

I understand what it’s like, I had a similar night tonight.  I knew my husband was having left overs from his dinner on Saturday.  What I forgot was that I didn’t prepare anything for me!  Luckily when I looked in the fridge I saw I had eggplant, organic tomato sauce, zucchini and garlic.  I stir fried the veggies and added the sauce.  I always have grains in my pantry.  I didn’t want pasta but I had quinoa, which has enough protein so that I didn’t need meat or beans.  I went from nothing to a meal, with leftovers, in about 20 minutes.  And that’s with chopping the vegetables!

It could be that you freeze soup, sauce, or chili in single or double servings so that when you get home you have something you can pull out and heat quickly.  You can cook up a few different things over the weekend to have on hand throughout the week or just make a double batch when cooking during the week.  Finding out I could freeze brown rice and other grains was a huge score for me.

Preparation is about convenience for yourself throughout the week.  It’s the key to having healthy meals after a busy day.  It’s a way to keep your eating plan and not derail it with something that you will regret eating.

Have you been eating foods that you regret?  It might be time for a whole foods cleanse that resets your good eating habits.  Planning is also the key to having success and an easier time on this cleanse.  Go to and find out more about participating in this cleanse.