The Best Tool for Weight Loss

968eThe best way to keep yourself on track is by planning. My clients often tell me they resist this suggestion and then end up regretting it when 6 pm comes and they have no idea what they’re going to make for dinner. Planning your meals and having healthy foods accessible makes weight loss and healthy eating much easier. Knowing that you have a meal either ready to eat or that only needs a quick prep and cook keeps you from ordering take out.

So what happens when you forget to plan a meal or you’re running so far behind you have to make something other than the meal you intended? Having prepared meals in the freezer is one way and having pantry staples is another. When I make soup, stew or sauce I always make extra and freeze it. I also do this with things like meatballs, chicken and brown rice. This way when I’m in a hurry I just pull something out and heat it up.

Pantry staples that I keep on hand are beans, tuna, containers of chopped tomatoes, quinoa, quick cooking brown rice, chicken broth, vegetable stock, canned artichoke hearts and brown rice pasta. In the freezer I have shrimp, an assortment of vegetables and whole wheat or GF naan bread.

The point is to have things that you enjoy and can make a variety of different meals out of. This way you aren’t tempted to say the heck with it and order yet another pizza or greasy take out meal.

Do you need help with meal planning? Does the thought of figuring out what to make or eat for the week fill you with dread? Send me an email,, for a complimentary 20 minute power consultation and we can come up with a plan that works for you.