Ten Easy Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving with catLast week I talked about celebrating Thanksgiving with your family and enjoying the day. I did have some questions on what to do when you are trying to eat healthy and don’t want to get too far off-track.

Get some exercise in. Participate in a Turkey Trot, go for a walk, play touch football or put on your favorite songs and dance for a while. You’ll burn calories and give yourself an endorphin boost.

Have a healthy snack or starter, something simple that will take the edge of your hunger and keep you from devouring everything in sight. Some cut up vegetables and hummus or an apple and a piece of string cheese. Shrimp cocktail is festive and low calorie or a butternut squash soup that’s not made with cream.

If you are doing the cooking or the baking mind the tasting. Bites, licks and tastes all add up calorie wise. (and, yes, you need to taste the dish to make sure the seasoning is right. Dip the spoon in for a small taste).

Turkey is healthy, go easy on the gravy and skip the skin.

Pick your sides wisely, veggies are a great choice but skip the cheese sauce.

It is a holiday so if you want the mashed potatoes and the stuffing take about 1/2 cup size serving of each. (think 1/2 a baseball). You’ll still get your favorites without feeling stuffed.

Skip the bread, you can have that any time of year.

I like cranberries and they are full of antioxidants. Cranberry sauce is also full of sugar so again, go easy. You could also make your own and substitute 1/2 the sugar with stevia.

For dessert pick one and enjoy it. Can’t make up your mind? Take sample size portions (think index finger width) of two or three desserts and savor them. I leave the pie crust because I simply don’t like it. I save a bunch of calories that way too.

Bonus tip: Cocktails, wine, beer and soft drinks add calories. Enjoy the wine with dinner but have a big glass of water to sip as well.

Have a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your day. The next day go back to your healthy routine.

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