Your Body is Capable of More, Ignore the Naysayers

I’ve been deep water via @runcompetitorpool running these past few weeks. I had been having trouble with my plantar fascia this training season. I went to the podiatrist, did physical therapy but the fascia had enough of training. I ended up with a partial tear and a walking boot.

I don’t love pool running, particularly but I am grateful to be able to do an exercise that keeps up my running fitness. I’m currently only allowed to do this, swim, or activities where I’m off my foot. No biking, including Spin, elliptical and the like. I can walk only in the boot, even in my house. I go to the YMCA 5 days a week. On Saturdays I do either chair Tae Bo or other chair cardio workouts. (and they really do get my heart rate up).

It hammers at your confidence to be injured, especially when you’ve had other injuries recently. I’m hearing a lot of “maybe this isn’t your sport” “maybe you should stop running” and “why would you want to do this anyway.” It’s annoying and it’s not helpful, even when it’s meant well.

My tipping point today was a woman told me I was crazy for even thinking of walking a half-marathon. I know what I am and aren’t capable of. When my foot is healed I’m completely capable of walking 13 miles. If I were indeed crazy I’d try walking it whether I was healed or not. Nope, not crazy. I respect my injuries and my body’s healing process.

Our bodies are capable of a lot more than we give them credit for. We are made to move. Running a marathon may not be everyone’s cup of tea but neither is Zumba, Spinning, or rollerblading. To each their own, just move.

Keep your body strong and healthy. If you’re sidelined try to find something that you can do and ALWAYS check with your doctor before attempting it. No sense in sitting on the bench longer than necessary.

Don’t listen to the naysayers, either. You know, deep down, what you’re capable of.

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