Eating Healthy Isn’t About Being Good

drive thruI’m seething over a comment made on a friend’s Facebook page. One of his friend’s told him to lose weight he needed to cut his calories to 1,200 per day and to work out. Those kind of comments make me crazy. There is no way that amount of calories is sustainable for him.

This was on the heels of a post I just finished reading by a blogger I generally enjoy. She claims she’s cutting calories by eating intuitively, yet she’s getting her meals from the drive-thru. That’s not intuitive eating. That’s eating only when you’re hungry and there’s a difference. Intuitively you would know your body needs vegetables. (to clarify: She is not ordering the salads at the drive through. Yes, it’s an option but it’s not one she’s taking).

There are some responsible eating plans around and then there are those that are restrictive. (I wrote about restrictive diets in my newsletter and how they can be harmful to your body. If you want to read more you can sign up for my newsletter here). A restrictive diet is not sustainable for the long-term and can cause damage to your body. I watch the binge dieters lose weight and then gain even more back.

Feeling like a failure and frustrated after falling off a diet can leave you thinking “I may as well give up since I can’t do it anyway.” The truth is not all diets work for everybody and some diets are flat-out ridiculous. Eating less and working out more isn’t the answer either.

Not all calories are created equal. 500 calories of lean beef or chicken, a sweet potato and vegetables is going to be much more filling and nutritious than a fast food burger, fries and soda. Eating real, unprocessed foods in normal sized portion is treating your body well, creating more energy for yourself and will leave you lighter.

Setting yourself up for success is not about willpower, it’s about creating good habits for yourself and simple mind shifts. You’re not good or bad because you eat a certain way. Eating healthy doesn’t make you good. It means you are making better choices to keep your body healthy.

Do you need help in making better choices and setting yourself up for success? Email me at and together we can come up with a plan that works for you.




Getting Back on Track

e_may_photo_1I’ve gained some weight and I am not happy. It feels embarrassing to admit it since I know what to eat and what to do. Sometimes stress does get the better of me, I’ve been sitting more than usual and I’ve been hungrier than usual. I’m sure I could have made some better choices along the way as well.

It’s not a big amount and I can get rid of it; I have the tools and knowledge. Yes, it’s a challenging time of year with parties and holidays but it can be done in a way where I know I won’t feel deprived. It helps to remember that while some of the food is amazing at these parties often times it’s not something that you can’t get during the rest of the year. If it’s not special and amazing why bother?

Two other things that are going to help: Marathon training started yesterday and I’m getting a digital Smart Scale that tracks weight, body fat, muscle mass and body water. It will sync my stats to My Fitness Pal so I can track everything in one place without writing everything down.To be honest it sounds a bit intimidating but  will keep me honest if nothing else. (Stats and numbers are simply information, they don’t define who or what you are)

Why am I sharing this? Because life happens to all of us. I’m not perfect and I don’t expect my clients to be either. It’s good to be able to recognize that you have to reset your eating and get back on track. It’s great when you know you have the tools and the motivation so you can achieve your goals.

What are you finding challenging this season? Is there something you feel you need extra support around? You can reach me at to schedule a time to speak. I can consult via phone or Skype if you’re not in the NYC area..


Frustrated by Diets? How to Change your Story

weightlossblogI was watching Rachel Ray the other morning and there was a woman on who had a goal of fitting back into her wedding dress. She had gained 40 pounds over the years, was a mom to four kids and never had a moment to herself. She also didn’t feel she knew how to eat properly or how to start exercising.

I felt her pain and I wished I could meet her because she is my ideal client. She’s motivated, has a goal and doesn’t know where to start. Do you know what it’s like to think you’re doing the right things only to keep gaining weight? Or to be frustrated because you’ve started yet another diet and it just hasn’t worked?

I know what it’s like to feel uncomfortable in your own skin, to feel invisible to others and to hide behind extra weight. Maybe it’s from comforting feelings with food, maybe it’s from eating on the go or just not really having a clue what a balanced meal looks like. What ever the reason the pounds just keep creeping on until you just really don’t know what to do anymore.

It’s possible to eat more food and consume fewer calories without actually counting every calorie. It’s possible to eat delicious meals that don’t take hours to prepare or pack on the pounds. Yes, there is some work involved and yes there are better choices to make. But it can be done sanely, safely and while having fun.

You deserve to feel great and be happy in your own body. You deserve to feel and look your best. And losing weight should not feel like you have another full-time job.

If this resonates with you, send me an email. I’d love to really listen to you and your concerns and help you find one thing that you can start doing immediately to get on track. You can reach me at: 

New Years Resolutions & Pressing the Reset Button

new YearIt’s been a busy week and I’m looking for some down time.  I feel like I’ve been running for days and now the holiday has come and gone. I’m busy with work, a party and an upcoming workshop. I’m looking for that moment when you breathe and say, ah.

Are you getting that moment to breathe? Have you made any plans or resolutions for the upcoming New Year? I’ve mentioned before I’m not a big fan of resolutions but I am one to set goals. I feel resolutions tend to get lost because we don’t have clear cut goals or plans of action. You can’t figure out what to do for a vague plan. I talk more about this my year end newsletter. You can sign up for it here if you would like to read more. (there is also a recipe and a nutrition tip included).

I like the New Year to also press the reset button. I feel like there’s a fresh start to be had on things that may be feeling stale or stuck. I give my business a little refreshers, clean out my closet and I also like to reset my eating habits. Let’s be honest, as good as our eating habits may be we all get caught up in the holiday celebrations and parties. It’s hard when you’re enjoying yourself to have stick completely on point with your eating plan. I’m leading a New Year’s Press the Reset Button Detox on January 19th if you would like to join me.

I don’t do juice cleanses. It’s mid-winter and I like to feel energized. To have foods that do not fit with the season end up leaving you feel cold, tired and deprived. It’s hard to not give into cravings when you’re feeling depleted. The seasonal comfort foods on my detox program leave you feeling satisfied and energized. You end up feeling pampered and cared for by the end of the program.

You can find out more details and sign up here if that sounds like something you would be interested in.



The Best Tool for Weight Loss

968eThe best way to keep yourself on track is by planning. My clients often tell me they resist this suggestion and then end up regretting it when 6 pm comes and they have no idea what they’re going to make for dinner. Planning your meals and having healthy foods accessible makes weight loss and healthy eating much easier. Knowing that you have a meal either ready to eat or that only needs a quick prep and cook keeps you from ordering take out.

So what happens when you forget to plan a meal or you’re running so far behind you have to make something other than the meal you intended? Having prepared meals in the freezer is one way and having pantry staples is another. When I make soup, stew or sauce I always make extra and freeze it. I also do this with things like meatballs, chicken and brown rice. This way when I’m in a hurry I just pull something out and heat it up.

Pantry staples that I keep on hand are beans, tuna, containers of chopped tomatoes, quinoa, quick cooking brown rice, chicken broth, vegetable stock, canned artichoke hearts and brown rice pasta. In the freezer I have shrimp, an assortment of vegetables and whole wheat or GF naan bread.

The point is to have things that you enjoy and can make a variety of different meals out of. This way you aren’t tempted to say the heck with it and order yet another pizza or greasy take out meal.

Do you need help with meal planning? Does the thought of figuring out what to make or eat for the week fill you with dread? Send me an email,, for a complimentary 20 minute power consultation and we can come up with a plan that works for you.

Do You Wear the Healthy Halo?

haloWhat are you chowing down on after a workout? Do you have the what I call the healthy halo effect? What I mean is that clients often tell me: I just worked out so I deserved to eat the doughnut, cake, cookies, bacon cheeseburger, whatever. The thing is you don’t usually work out so hard that you’ve actually burned that many calories.

Most of us don’t work out long or hard enough to actually offset the extra calories. (PSA: Even if you have worked out that hard your body performs best when it is fueled by real food). One large sports drink or Starbucks flavored latte and you may have had more calories than you worked off. If you walk at a moderate pace for an hour you’ve burned about 320 calories. A grande pumpkin spice latte without whipped creme is 310 calories and don’t get me started on the 10 teaspoons of sugar in that drink.

A better choice after your workout? Water, unsweetened coconut water or a coffee that’s flavored with spices rather than one flavored with syrup. Need a snack? Have an apple with some peanut butter or a piece of string cheese. I love tamari with seaweed flavored brown rice cakes with hummus: a little salty, creamy and crunchy all at once. Greek yogurt with berries and a sprinkle of low-sugar granola is another good snack.

You can have the treat once in a while but don’t kid yourself that you deserve it for working out. It’s something you enjoy and you have it occasionally, nothing wrong with that.

Do you struggle with food choices? Not sure what the best foods are to help you lose weight and keep it off for good? Do you want a way to live that’s not full of guilt or denial? Send me an email,, for a complimentary 20 minute power session where we will discover the top 3 issues you are having and leave you with a tip that you can start using immediately.