Surviving Cookouts & BBQs

WD D 0852I’ve been asked how to stay on track for the upcoming 4th of July holiday while still having a good time. If it was just one day I’d say it’s not that big of a deal but it’s a long weekend and we tend to get invited to a lot more parties over the summer. No one wants to feel deprived o nor do you want to blow your hard work.

I generally bring a dish or two that are healthy choices that can be enjoyed by others as well. Things like quinoa salads, whole grain pasta salad or grilled veggie kabobs are some good choices. I like to bring fruit salad, Italian ice or watermelon for dessert. The ice isn’t the healthiest sugar wise but it’s better for your waist line than most desserts.

At the cookout I choose grilled chicken or lean meat, baked beans, grilled veggies, coleslaw (the cabbage & carrots are good for you – even with the mayo), and salad. If hamburgers and hot dogs are the only choice I go for the burger and skip the bun. (or eat half of it). Hot dogs generally are sodium bombs, have added nitrates and rarely fill you up.

Alcohol is sugar and calories. Beer & wine don’t have as much calories and sugar as most mixed drinks, stick with 2 and be sure to have water in between. If you want a mixed drink skip the high calorie mixes and add in seltzer & a squeeze of lemon or lime (or splash of another fruit juice) instead.

Good dessert choices are fruit, sorbet or Italian ice. With ice cream stick to 1 scoop or a kid’s cup. And, of course, if you must have the brownie or cup cake stick with one and enjoy every bit. Then go play a game or walk around a bit – you’ll feel better and you won’t be tempted to eat more.

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