Surpassed My Goal and Had a Blast

Nike finishI loved my race and I was able to set a personal record (PR). It was a beautiful course and it was well-organized. It was breathtaking to turn a corner and run towards the Lincoln Memorial. (for some reason I am obsessed with the architecture of this building).

I didn’t sleep well the night before. I didn’t think I would but I didn’t expect to only have 2 hours. I ran my first race on 2 hours of sleep so I knew I would do it. I also told myself if I had to walk I’d walk. I didn’t train and travel to give it a pass.

I was planning on running with one of my training partners. We’ve been running together for months and this was the first long race we were both participating in. Except we were in different corals and I couldn’t get to her and she couldn’t move up to me. Damn.

I couldn’t find any of my team so I started solo. I soon found my coach and some teammates so I ran with Patti for a few miles. I had to slow down, I was running too fast and didn’t want to tank. I found her again around mile 6 and stopped to wait for some other teammates. After a few minutes I ended up taking off because I really did want to PR.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnother runner started chatting with me around mile 8 as we hit the golf course and we stuck together until we had about 1/3 mile left to go. I don’t know her name, but she was a running coach from Canada and I thank her for the company and the distraction. She also helped me push my pace when I might have slowed down.

I am not a speedy runner, I’m a middle of the pack finisher. I’m thrilled that I ran faster than my goal and I wear my Tiffany necklace with pride. I’m looking forward to my next half in Brooklyn in a few weeks time. It’s a hillier race so I don’t expect to run it in the same time but I know I’ll have more confidence after this!

Tiffany necklace DC

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