Sugar vs Fat Study

krispy kremeI’m watching Rachel Ray, why I have no idea. The show has a study between two brothers who did a study on a high fat/low sugar/low carb diet and the other had carbs/sugar/no-fat. They concluded that the high fat/low sugar diet was worse that the carb/sugar/no-fat diet. Rachel was chiming in how a gluten-free diet made her very crabby because she didn’t have carbs.

I understand the underlying point was to see the effect of extreme diets. What annoys me is that neither of these was a balanced normal diet and the sound bite people take away is that sugar is better for you than fat. You can have carbs (vegetables and fruits are carbs) and healthy grains that don’t have gluten. Grains that will keep a healthy balance of yeast/sugar in your body and reduce inflammation.

What I did like out of the study was how our brains respond to foods we enjoy and foods we dislike. Our brains tell us when to stop eating a food we don’t like but not foods that we love. That’s interesting since you can adjust your eating plan accordingly. If you know you cannot stop eating chocolate it’s something you don’t keep in the house.

It’s possible to eat a balanced diet without going to extremes and still feel healthy and invigorated. Nutrition isn’t about diet foods or restrictive habits; it’s about feeling energized and empowered every day. Isn’t that what life is really about?

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