Stress Less and Enjoy the Holidays

Christmas Cookies

Are you feeling stressed out by your holiday to-do’s? I’ve had several clients and friends tell me they are feeling overwhelmed right now or they dislike the holidays because of the pressure of traditions. I understand, I was feeling that way too.

I decided to do something I rarely do, I used boxed mixes for my cookies. I’ve been baking since childhood and, as a health coach, I’m very conscious of ingredients I use. I also share and have a bunch of excellent healthier cookie recipes. (The kind where no one ever guesses they’re healthier).

There are a few commercial brands that use better ingredients and I trust their products. I admit I did feel a bit lazy buying them but the world didn’t end, the cookies taste amazing, and I saved both time and money. I was a bit surprised but there was a sale and my mixes were cheaper than some of the gluten-fee flours that I was looking at. Go figure.

Christmas cards have also gone by the wayside. While I enjoy cards it seems fewer of us are sending them and I understand. It can be expensive, it’s time consuming, and we see so much of each other on social media.

What can you cut out or modify so that you aren’t making yourself crazy this year? Give yourself permission to celebrate in the way that works best for you; whether that means staying in New Year’s Eve, buying dessert instead of making it, or orderingĀ take out on Christmas Eve.

Think outside of the box. Some of my friends and their husbands work on Christmas. Afterwards, one couple goes to the movies, followed by drinks and appetizers at a nearby restaurant. It’s a fun and no pressure way for them to celebrate the day and they visit out of town family later in the week.

Have a wonderful holiday and a happy, healthy New Year, however you choose to celebrate.

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Are you inspired to change something up this holiday?

What one tradition is a must keep for you?