Stop the Self Bashing

The other day I met up with a client and her skin looked so good to me.  She was glowing and just very healthy looking so I had to compliment her on it.  She replied that she had a pimple that she was fussing over and proceeded to point out the blemish.  Honestly, I would never have noticed it if she hadn’t pointed it out.

It drives me a little crazy when you compliment someone and she deflects it with self-criticism.  I have another friend who has amazing arms.  If you compliment her on her arms she answers by saying how big her butt and thighs are.  Again, I don’t see what she sees.

Is it body distortion or are we just programmed to be self-deprecating or critical?  I am not sure but I’ve stopped playing that game.  I believe that our bodies are capable of great things and that we should nourish them well and take good care of them.  I can’t see being critical as a way of helping yourself change.

What you say and think becomes your reality.  Why not put good loving thoughts out there and start silencing the negative ones?  The next time your friends start on the I’m so fat or I’m so dumb talk don’t join the party.

If you are feeling unhappy with your weight or shape start making small positive steps to change.  Bashing yourself won’t change how you look and it will only make you feel worse.    Start making time for exercise and swapping out an unhealthy food choice for a better one.  Make that soda a water or eat a salad instead of all of the french fries. Your energy and your confidence will spike and that will empower you to make other healthy changes.

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