Sometimes You Just Take the Leap

marathonI did it, I signed up for the full marathon! I’ll be running the New Jersey Marathon in April with Team in Training. My friends have inspired me. Some have had a very tough time but still finished. I think it’s impressive that even with struggles they got the job done.

Do I have doubts? Sure. I’ve never run that far before and I’m nervous. I know that it’s a time commitment and that I will be tired. I am trying not to worry about it ahead of time, which is not always my strong suit.

Why would I do this? Honestly, it’s a challenge. I want to know that I can run it at least once in my life. I also like to take on things that I’m a bit afraid of. I feel it’s empowering to meet what scares you and beat it. I might not want to do it again, like trapeze school, but I can say I did it.

I know that I have great coaches and friends to run with me during training. I’m also relieved, thrilled and excited that my coach and friend, Patti, will be running it with me. It’s pretty amazing when you say I’m going to run my first marathon and your friend asks, “Do you want company?” That’s not the response I usually get. 🙂

Sometimes you just need to take the leap of faith. If you don’t let go of the fear you can’t soar. If you don’t try you can’t say I Did It! So go, take the leap or at least start taking those first steps.

I’m raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society while I train. If you would like to help me out you can make a donation to my page. No donation is too small and I thank you in advance for the support!