Sometimes a Head Clearing Run is All You Need

cropped-running-with-dog1.jpgSaturday’s run was okay. It was cold, cloudy and I was feeling stiff, despite my warm up jog to the park. Half way through our run my hamstring started hurting as did my hip. I walked a bit, pet some of the dogs that come to the park for the off-leash hours and started running again. (I particularly love the lazy blonde lab who just waits for belly rubs). I was able to finish the seven miles with minor discomfort.

I skipped running Sunday since the hamstring was sore when I walked to church. I ended up baking, cleaning and doing some work instead. While it wasn’t especially relaxing I got a lot accomplished! I figured I’d switch my day to Monday instead.

Today I woke up in a crabby mood. I’m not sure why but I felt kind of tired and achy. I considered skipping my run again but decided to give a go. It was exactly what I needed. It cleared the crankiness away and I felt strong running.

I made some energy bites today to have on hand when I need a snack. They’re filling, a little sweet and a mix of protein and carbs; they also keep me from picking on Christmas cookies. I use the recipe from Gimme Some Oven and adapt with whatever I have on hand

What is your go to healthy snack?

How do you get rid of a case of the crankiness?