Running in 17 Degrees

cold runSaturday was back to increasing mileage. I was aiming for 9 and did about 9.5 so that was good. It was 17 degrees out when I left the house, ouch! I run to and from practice when I can to add mileage in. I debated if I should or not; I did but realized I left the house later than I thought. Happily at a little past the half-mile point a teammate stopped and picked me up. It would have been a miserable 9 mile run alone!

My coach, my mentor and I were running longer than the rest of the group so we took a different route. I love the park we train in but endless loops of the same park tends to make me want to scratch my eyes out. Luckily we were all in agreement and it turned out the park we normally run in was much icier than our alternate route.

My hamstring and pirformis were aching and let me know on the uphills. By mile 7.5 I was starting to feel sore, even though my legs were a little numb from the cold. I pushed to 8 and then ran walked the 1.5 back home.

Our water started freezing while we ran. The spout on my bottle actually froze and wouldn’t lift up; I had to work hard to twist the cap off. I’m going to add some salt next time which should help. I kept my chews in my inside jacket pocket so they wouldn’t freeze. It worked but they were still pretty cold!

What helped get me through (besides the great company):

I foam rolled and did a yoga warm up before I left the house. It was way too cold and I was way to stiff to feel good to warm up with a slow jog. I also did more yoga when I got back home.

Running with the gaiter (neck tube). It kept me warm and I was able to breathe in warm air. The trade-off? It freezes when you get warm and yank it down. Moving it around a bit helps.

Disposable hand warmers in my gloves. My fingertips would have gone numb otherwise.

Curling up with hot tea, my throw blanket and Missy mutt after the yoga was finished. Bliss.

What do you look forward to after a cold long run?

What do you do to keep your water from freezing?