Running by Feel, Rather Than Time

sneakersLast week’s long run was humid and kind of tough. The kind that sometimes makes you wonder how in the hell you’re going to actually finish a half-marathon. The kind of run you shake off and say, hooray I did it and it’s over.

I did a few runs during the week, one on the treadmill since it was 90+ degrees out, and one outside. I felt so good on the treadmill I ran an extra mile. I did a few walking intervals but didn’t follow my set pattern. Last night’s run I decided to not use my watch and run purely by how I felt. I planned out my run in advance so I knew I’d get my mileage in.

I picked a hilly route, but it’s hard to avoid hills in my neighborhood. I never realized exactly how hilly it was until I started walking the dog everywhere. I also decided not to carry water since it was a 3 miler. That was a bad decision; I’m a thirsty girl and it was warm out. My mouth felt like cotton was stuffed in it.

Running without the watch beeping intervals was pretty freeing. I ran by feel and walked when I felt I needed to. I walked less and I ran faster than recent runs. I did feel the results of the strength training the day before, damn I worked my pecs and abs hard! On the other hand, it was not humid and I hit a nice stretch of downhill on the way home. Love when that happens!

I was aware of my posture and tried to run with the forward lean. It’s hard to say if I accomplished it but I did focus on landmarks that were off in the distance, which is supposed to encourage the lean. The glutes kicked in and my hip felt pinched on occasion but no stabbing pain. (stabbing pain would end the run).

It’s hard coming back and not going all out. It’s also frustrating to worry if something is going to trigger another injury. Rather than crossing my fingers I continue to do the physical therapy exercises and barre work to keep my hips and glutes strong.

Have you been injured? What did you do to recover?