Race Day Approaches – Silencing the Chatter

Nike finishMy 7th half-marathon is Sunday. It’s in my home town and I’ve been kind of dreading it. I’ve run most of the course at once and I have definitely run all parts of it at different times. So runs that I’ve had on hot humid days when I felt beat and had horrible runs come popping into my brain, trying to psyche me out.

Self-doubt, sabotage or trash talk – call it what you will it’s still real. I’m really good at pumping others up. I’m told I have a comeback for every negative thing someone says. Of course I do, I work at countering the annoying voice in my own head.

I’ve run 6 other half-marathons and finished them all. In all but one I’ve been a middle of the pack runner. I’m pretty happy with that actually. And the one race where I was a back of the pack runner was a very small race. I still finished faster than I had at my two previous marathons and I had been using it as a training run for my “real” half-marathon the following month.

I’ve fallen, have people run into me or stop abruptly in front of me at almost every race (even when I wore bright orange and tutu in the picture above – how the hell could this woman not see me)?, had the water station close before I got to it and been nauseous. I have still finished.

So now I tell myself: you have put in the training, the time and dedication. You’ve done it before and you will do it again. And if you have to walk so be it, life goes on and there are more races.

Here’s my update – I ran the race and was very close to the PR that I ran in April at the Nike Women Half. I felt really good at mile 8 and thought – how did this happen? I’m doing really well and it’s a hilly course. It’s also the first half-marathon where I had a good night’s sleep the night prior. I think sleep and letting go made all the difference.

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