New Years Resolutions & Pressing the Reset Button

new YearIt’s been a busy week and I’m looking for some down time.  I feel like I’ve been running for days and now the holiday has come and gone. I’m busy with work, a party and an upcoming workshop. I’m looking for that moment when you breathe and say, ah.

Are you getting that moment to breathe? Have you made any plans or resolutions for the upcoming New Year? I’ve mentioned before I’m not a big fan of resolutions but I am one to set goals. I feel resolutions tend to get lost because we don’t have clear cut goals or plans of action. You can’t figure out what to do for a vague plan. I talk more about this my year end newsletter. You can sign up for it here if you would like to read more. (there is also a recipe and a nutrition tip included).

I like the New Year to also press the reset button. I feel like there’s a fresh start to be had on things that may be feeling stale or stuck. I give my business a little refreshers, clean out my closet and I also like to reset my eating habits. Let’s be honest, as good as our eating habits may be we all get caught up in the holiday celebrations and parties. It’s hard when you’re enjoying yourself to have stick completely on point with your eating plan. I’m leading a New Year’s Press the Reset Button Detox on January 19th if you would like to join me.

I don’t do juice cleanses. It’s mid-winter and I like to feel energized. To have foods that do not fit with the season end up leaving you feel cold, tired and deprived. It’s hard to not give into cravings when you’re feeling depleted. The seasonal comfort foods on my detox program leave you feeling satisfied and energized. You end up feeling pampered and cared for by the end of the program.

You can find out more details and sign up here if that sounds like something you would be interested in.