Marathon Training Started!

With my team. I'm in the back row, red hat.

With my team. I’m in the back row, red hat.

Rather than start another blog dedicated to running I’m adding on to my current blog. I usually post my regular Empowered Plate entries on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, the running entries will post on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Marathon training started last week. It’s funny to say that I’m running a full marathon. I hated running in school and I wasn’t athletic. I like roller skating, riding my bike and dance but team sports and running not so much. Now in my mid-forties I’m running half-marathons and training for a full. If it’s a mid-life crisis at least it’s a healthy one.

I’m following a plan for beginners and mileage is low right now. On one hand I think, “this is too low” and on the other hand I think “better enjoy this now!” The first 2 weeks are 5 – 6 miles. I figured I’d stick with the higher end but last week I wasn’t feeling well and the pace I was running at didn’t feel good.

I thought well, I’ll run/walk and end at 5. Then I lost a mitten and I love those mittens because they peel back to fingerless gloves. Even my thumb can pop out.,so  back through the park to find it and I ended up running another 2 miles. Now I know when training is hard to drop something that I have to run back for. (I’m kidding, mostly).

The second long run was much better. I was having my fund-raiser that night and the people I run with were all coming. It was cold with a sharp wind and no one wanted to feel rotten that night so we agreed to stop at 5. I was feeling good so after I got home I ran another mile. I felt fine that night and I raised a nice amount of money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Today’s recovery run felt good too. I know to enjoy these days, I’m all too aware of the crappy running days. I had enough of them over the summer with many days of wondering why in hell I wanted to run in the first place. I want to enjoy the journey as well as the actual marathon. I have a feeling I’m going to have re-read this post a few times.

What gets you through tough training days?