Is Your Scale Hop Messing With You?

e_may_photo_1Are you ruled by what you see on the scale? I have had several clients tearfully tell me the scale went up after they ate well and exercised. It happens, it’s frustrating but it does happen. I asked that they wait a week and then check to see if the number went down.

Even without looking at their food diaries I know that there are many factors to temporarily change the number on the scale. An intense workout does change your mass temporarily. Your muscles might be inflamed causing a temporary weight gain. Maybe you ate salty food and are retaining water.

A scale does not look at the whole picture either. Many professional athletes would be considered obese if you just looked at their height and weight. You need to take into account fitness level and body composition.

Something to keep in mind is the number on the scale is just information. Another way to judge how you are doing is wear fitted clothing. If they fit or are loose you are fine, if they are tight then you probably are gaining weight. In that case take a look at what you are eating in relation to the amount of activity in your day.

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