Is it All or Nothing for You?

g_june_photo_1I went out to dinner with a friend and she asked me how I could eat the way I do and not gain weight.  I laughed and said a) this was a treat meal and I don’t eat this way every day and b) If I eat something out of my normal foods I don’t think it’s a license to eat badly the rest of the day.  Just because I have pizza and beer doesn’t mean that I should go on an eating binge.  It’s not all or nothing – it’s balance.

I think treat meals give us an opportunity to indulge and then go back to our normal way of eating.  If you’re strict with everything you put into your mouth you tend to go overboard in a   big way when you do relax.  Planning for treats lets you know that something good is coming and it’s not the last time you’ll ever have it again.

You can either dive head first into a bowl of candy or choose a piece you really enjoy, sit down and savor it.  The first few bites are the most delicious anyway.  Pay attention to your treat and enjoy it.  Most of the time a little bit is satisfying and you don’t need to eat more to get enjoyment.  Mindlessly eating food isn’t satisfying and usually ends up leaving you feeling a little sick and overly full.

If you do reach for more ask yourself if it’s really what you want.  Are you eating it for the taste or are you searching for a memory or a feeling?  I’m a big believer in comfort but the comfort from food doesn’t last too long.  It usually backfires and leaves you feeling badly or mad at yourself.  In my next blog I’ll talk about other ways to comfort yourself.  Chances are you already know what else you can do to self-soothe.

Do you have trouble with choosing foods that work best for you?  Do you need support around your choices and habits?  Contact me,, for complimentary power session and together we can come up with a plan that works for you.