Insider Tips to Busting Stress

stress (1)It’s been a crazy week. I was going to write about better choices while eating out since I’ve had lot of questions on that lately. My next post will address that. This week I want to know what you are doing to take care of the stress and tension you may be feeling from current events.

It’s been a week of bombings, explosions, poison via mail, gun control vote and a city on lock down. We may not be immediately impacted by the tragedies but it doesn’t mean that they don’t affect us. You may not realize that you are eating a little more than usual or reaching for sweets or crunchy foods to comfort yourself.

There are other ways to deal with the uncertainty. Meditation is a great one. If meditation seems challenging I recommend some easy guided meditations that the Chopra Center has made available, free of charge. You can choose the length, relax, and follow along.

If you believe in a higher power prayer is another helpful stress buster.  I read an article by a rabbi that cited we were a nation that became much more in tune our spirituality and taking care of one another after the 9/11 attacks. We have lost some of that along the way.  You can see people stepping up again after recent tragedies. It restores some faith in our fellow man.

Exercise is another great stress buster. It helps clear your brain of the relentless cycling of thoughts. It pumps you full of feel good endorphins and triggers the problem solving side of the brain. Plus, it’s hard to be annoyed with yourself for exercising. Unlike, say eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

Creative work can also be a great stress buster. I have friends who scrapbook, knit, crochet, paint, or write. All of them feel like they get to put their emotions in creating something and it soothes them as they work. Even just dumping thoughts in a journal can help.

How do you comfort yourself? If there is something that works best for you, please share it in the comments below.

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