5 Insider Tips on Slowing Down for Summer

cropped-2006-01-31-19.58.071.jpgSummer is approaching and living ideally slows down. Does that really happen for you? I find that I’m invited to parties, graduations, and other events. Add in a full work schedule, networking, family obligations and day-to-day life and I don’t see anything slowing down!

Of course I want to go to the happy events as well as see family and friends. It’s trying to do it all that leaves me tired and cranky. So what can you do?

Pick the things you really want to go to and make the time for them first. Schedule your other activities after that. Many parties are casual and you can drop by for an hour or two, leaving you time for other things.

What are the day-to-day things that aren’t that important? Let one or two of them go, the earth will not stop rotating.

Have family members help out with chores or invest in some help with the chore you really hate doing. Grocery shopping can often be done online, leaving you free to do something else. Is there a teen in the neighborhood that could mow the lawn, walk the dog or run errands? TaskRabbit and FancyHands can help you hire someone as well.

Make one night a picnic night and have sandwiches and salad so you get a cooking break. Use paper plates and eat outside. Weather not cooperating? Throw a blanket on the living room floor and picnic there.

Make a day or an afternoon where you simply do nothing. Everyone needs a little time to unwind and enjoy the day as she sees fit. I like to sit in the back yard with a glass of iced chai tea and a good book.

How do you like to enjoy the summer? I’d love to hear how you celebrate the longer warm days!

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