I’m Running DC with Nike Women!

we runI’m in DC and ready for my fifth half-marathon. I’m excited and I’m nervous, which is kind of funny since it’s not my first race. My friends tell me after their first races they all sleep well. I wish I could say the same.

I’ve trained steadily, I’m faster than I’ve been and I know what foods work best for my body. Still there are outside factors you can’t control and just have to roll with. I certainly did not expect to fall at the last race but I got up and finished – bloody knee and all.

I have a stomach bug that I’ve been fighting on and off the past few days. It’s never fun and I am a bit worried how I’ll feel tomorrow. I know to eat early and on the lighter side since I run best if I have some food in my system. I’m also hydrating with plenty of water and some coconut water for electrolyte replacement.

I am running with my teammates which is exciting. It’s great to have company for at least part of a run. I can’t wait to post pictures but, of course, I forgot the cable to sync my camera! I did pose in front of the We Run Sign when I picked up my bib and shirt. The shirt is a great berry color, which can only happen at a women’s race!

I will let you know how the race goes in next week’s blog. In the meantime I’m leaving you with a recipe that I use instead of Gatorade. I dislike both the taste of Gatorade and its ingredients. There are better choices like this one from David Jubb. I use an apple instead of a pear and sometimes throw a banana in as well.

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