I Lied About My Diet

Scenic008I always say that I don’t really follow any particular diet. But actually, after reading a few articles, I realize I do follow a type of diet. I eat in the style of the Mediterranean diet.

It’s not a fad or a particularly stringent diet. I certainly don’t count points on it, I don’t even count calories. I do eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, legumes and nuts. I eat poultry and fish a few times a week and red meat on occasion. I like a good glass of red wine and some dark chocolate periodically as well.

I think of it more as a lifestyle than a diet. Meals are simple and generally relaxed. At dinner I sit down and eat with my husband. We are focused on each other, we aren’t watching TV or checking our email. Listen, if you can’t pay attention to each other for 20 – 30 minutes you may be better off alone.

Food is fresh and delicious, it’s not about eating a big bowl of pasta. It’s about fresh foods that are in season or have been canned or frozen for the year. I am not going to the market every day to buy fresh food, it’s not realistic for me to do so. I’m sure it’s not realistic for a lot of you either.

But I do go to the farmers market on Saturday and make a game plan for the week. My weekly meal plan is based on what looked good and what I purchased. I am not wondering every night what to make because I have this beautiful food that I purchased earlier in the week.

I’d rather live my life thinking that food was pleasurable, delicious and something to look forward to rather than something that was tasteless, low-fat, and something to be endured. Which way would you rather think?

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