I Hate the Advice Eat Less, Exercise More!

WeightLiftingThis week alone I’ve received at least 10 emails from different sources promising me the secret of losing the last 10 pounds. It kind of pisses me off, especially the ones that tell me I just need to eat less and exercise more. It makes me want to scream! How is that helpful?

One of the emails, however, did make sense to me. It focused on adding in strength training to boost your metabolism. In talking with clients and friends I notice that many women are not adding strength training into their workouts. There is a lot of cardio but not weight training.

Some believe they will get big muscles and not look feminine. Others just don’t know where to begin. I get that. The truth is you need testosterone to build large muscles and women simply don’t have enough on their own to get huge. Plus, how much time will you actually be spending on strength training? I don’t think you’re going to spend the amount of time a competitive bodybuilder is putting in on his training.

Strength training does stoke your metabolism and muscle takes up less room in the body than fat does. (Pet peeve – muscle does not weigh more than fat. A pound of feathers and a pound of rocks each still weighs a pound).  Plus muscle burns more calories than fat. So how cool is it that you are burning more calories without actually doing more work?

You just need to lift enough weight that you feel it, those last two reps in your set of 12 or 15 should be difficult. If you’re tossing the weights around, go heavier. If you’re struggling in the beginning go lighter.

Not sure how to start? I would either hire a trainer for a session or two or get a how to video. Jackie Warner makes some good solid videos, as does Jillian Michaels.  Be sure to watch the video before attempting the exercises and try to check your form as you perform them.

Want to be in better shape and eat healthier? Confused by all of the information out there and not sure which plan is best for you? Email me, janinemchale@empoweredplate.com, for a complimentary 20 minute strategy session where we will discuss your top 3 issues.