How To Motivate Yourself When You’d Rather Log Couch Time

treadmillA friend asked me how often I exercised and when I replied 6 days she seemed a little taken aback. She asked why I did it – did I enjoy the way I felt afterwards or the results from working out. The truth is I like all of it. I like the movement, the sweat, the sense of accomplishment and the way my muscles build.

I usually like the way I feel but anyone who does endurance or intense sports knows that sometimes you feel beat up. There is pride in knowing that I can do something I never thought possible and that only about 1% of the population actually does. I know if I can run 13.1+ miles I can pretty much do anything.

My friend doesn’t really like working out and sees it as something she has to do but would rather not. When she asked how she could motivate herself I ended up asking her the same thing. What would motivate you to adopt an exercise routine? Is it your health, the way you feel or the way you look? There is something very cool about seeing your body get stronger, fitting into a skinny pair of jeans or lapping someone younger than you.

Yeah, there are days I’d much rather sit on the couch than run or workout. Those days I make a deal with myself – I will run a mile or workout for 15 minutes and after that I can stop. It’s very rare that I stop but I know I have the option.

You won’t see me doing classes or workouts I hate either. I will check out new routines and workouts when they come out but if I don’t like them I don’t force myself to go back. I like riding a bike but can’t stand Spin.

Make a pact with yourself – 4 days a week you’ll start with 10 minutes of an activity you like. Then just build the time up from there. It becomes a habit after that and one you miss if you skip.

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