How to Get Away When You Can’t Take Possibly a Vacation

cropped-2006-01-31-19.58.071.jpgI had a few friends and clients upset because they just couldn’t swing a vacation and desperately wanted to get away. For others a spouse couldn’t get vacation or they had other demands that kept them local. I agree with the saying, “when you can’t possibly manage a vacation is exactly when you need it most.”

So what do you do when it’s not practical to leave town? Make your own vacation. You can do this a few ways. Pick a weekend and play tourist in your own town, make your home into a retreat, or swap homes with a friend who lives in a town that you like to play tourist in. You each get a free place to stay and a change of scenery.

Some ideas for playing tourist:

Pick a few places that you have been meaning to visit or that you enjoy and don’t get to regularly.

Take that class that you keep saying you’ll try. (it could be exercise, a lecture or painting some pottery – whatever makes you happy).

Schedule a spa treatment, even if it’s just a manicure. Let someone pamper you.

Try a new restaurant, the new in place or just go out for an ice cream.

Go to a park and have a picnic.

Go out for breakfast.

Some ideas for turning your home into a retreat:

Shut the phone off and unplug from media.

Stock up on at home spa treatments and give yourself some attention. Or you could schedule an in-home massage or a private yoga lesson.

Watch movies and eat popcorn.

Spend the day reading.

Stock up on healthy yummy foods or order in.

If you love to cook spend some time making a delicious meal. Set the table festively and have some good wine (or beverage of your choice) to compliment the meal.

Take a bath, bubbles, wine, and chocolate are fun options.

Often times we just need a change in our routine to feel refreshed. Some extra sleep and really good food go a long way to putting us in a good mood. It’s hard to be grumpy when you are well rested and well fed!

Do you have some other ideas? Please share, I’d love hear them!