How to Enjoy Vacation without Sabotaging your Healthy Diet

manateemailboxI’ve been on vacation and it’s was a great week. It’s fun to get out of my regular routine and have a relaxing week at the beach. Yes, I still ran and worked out but I got to swim and sight see too. Running was a bit more fresh because it was flat and I got to see different things than usual. My favorite? This manatee mailbox that is all ready to party.

I’ve been eating some things out of the usual as well. We visited the Holiday Snack Bar for some homemade cake and pie. The pecan pie was crazy good, not too sweet with lots toasted pecans.

It’s vacation and I’m not overly strict about what I eat. If I want a treat I will have it. To me it’s not vacation if no pancakes are involved. Happily there are places that offer gluten-free items here so I can indulge without issue. I want to feel good and I want to enjoy my treats, not end up regretting what I had.

I think there’s a balance of enjoying, feeling good and having fun. I exercised because I enjoy it, not to punish myself for what I’ve eaten. I believe that when we feel our best we make better choices and we enjoy those indulgences. My goal is to feel great and enjoy the experiences around me.

Tonight will be roasted clams on the barbecue. I have the perfect white wine to go along with them and I’m go to savor both of them!

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