How Thinking “I’m Taking Care of Myself” Gets Results

NappingI sent out a tweet the other day that seemed to resonate. Whether you’re working out or losing weight focus on “I’m taking care of myself.” This will lead to better choices and decisions. Being healthy is a choice, not a punishment.

It works for eating, exercising and self-care. When choosing a meal, snack or treat think about how it’s going to support your commitment to taking care of yourself. Even a splurge can be made healthier or kept to a small portion. For instance you might say, I’m going to eat bacon but I will choose nitrate free and keep it to a piece or two.

A meal should keep you satiated for a few hours. Choose a meal that has a balance of protein, healthy fat and fiber. Lean beef, a sweet potato and a vegetable is a healthy choice, as is a hearty lentil stew. Neither meal looks like the other but both would help you take care of yourself.

When it comes to working out or sitting on the couch and watching tv – what is going to help you take care of yourself? Generally speaking it will be some form of exercise. On the other hand, if you have been doing strenuous workouts for several days in a row and are physically exhausted you may need the rest.

With exercise it’s best to listen to your body. If you’re telling yourself you’re too tired to work out, that’s your brain. Ignore it. When you’re feeling achy and sore, that’s your body speaking. Listen to it!

Self-care is another important component. Make some time to do things you enjoy and nourish your soul. That could be a simple time out for meditation. It could be taking a bubble bath or doing a beloved project. It might also be meeting a friend for a catch up.

A few weeks ago I realized I hadn’t been reading for pleasure, all my choices were work oriented. I’ve made time to pick some things out just for fun and entertainment. It’s a great way to start or end my day.

What choices do you make that could use a few tweaks when it comes to taking care of yourself?

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