How Do You Reach Your Destination Without GPS?

gpsYou’re on a road trip with a vague idea of where you’re going but you don’t have a GPS or a map with you. So how do you know where you’re going or when you’ve reached your destination? You need some sort of guidance or direction. The same is true for weight loss.

You lose direction without a specific clear-cut goal and knowing why you’re working towards that goal. I always ask my clients why they want to lose weight, change their eating habits and/or start exercising. I usually hear “to be healthier.” I ask them why they want to be healthier, for whom and what the desired outcome will bring them.

Usually we come with a story of why it is so important. Sometimes it’s a family member who was ill or passed away and missed out on crucial life moments of my client or my clients children. Sometimes it’s knowing that the course they’re on is leading to exhaustion and they are worried about keeping their jobs. For others they want to avoid the health problems that parents or siblings have so they can be medication free and lead an active life.

From that point you can set your goals, just keep them realistic and attainable. You want to feel as if you can reach your destination rather than feeling like it’s some mythical place.

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