Happy for the Reset Button

bowl_of_chicken_soupIt’s day 5 of my cleanse and I have a pot of chicken stock simmering on the stove. For me it’s the perfect comfort food on a chilly damp winter day. The past few weeks have been busy and rough. The holidays were a whirl, then my godmother passed away and my family came to stay with me. It was stressful and it was nice to see my family but not under those circumstances.

I was leading a cleanse the following week and I didn’t really have as much time to prep myself for it. My clients had all they needed prior to the start date but I didn’t do my pre-tox.   It’s a little hard when you are running around and sometimes depending on others for your meals. Plus, let’s be brutally honest, leftover Christmas cookies are pretty damn comforting.

And yet, the cleanse came at a perfect time. My eating habits didn’t have enough time to be out of control because of the cleanse. I had to focus on helping out my participants, planning my own meals, and doing some self-care. I had lots of comforting healthy foods,  plenty of greens, and exercise. Not a bad thing after a sad or stressful event. It really did let me press the reset button!

It didn’t change the events that happened but it did let me change the way I was taking care of myself. That’s the real reason I like a cleanse. It lets you change what you’re doing and revert back to healthy habits (or create some new ones)! Even if you’ve been eating healthy there is always a benefit to eating really cleanly and making some extra time for yourself.

How do you change course when you realize that your eating is not at its best and you’re not taking care of yourself the way you should be?

Want to try a cleanse? One made up of delicious whole foods? You can click here for more information: http://empoweredplate.com/press-the-reset-button-cleanse.html.

I am going to share my soup, I know my uncle could use some comfort and a yummy home cooked meal too.