Gluten Free, Not by Choice

Lentils, tomato, zucchini (250x187)I’ve been gluten, dairy and corn free for 3 months now. My doctor believes I’m intolerant of all three items. I was not happy with the diagnosis but I’ve been avoiding those foods. Some days it feels like forever, other days it’s a piece of cake (wheat free and vegan, of course).


Most days I know exactly what to eat because I’m in control of the food. The picture on the left is one of my favorite easy meals, the recipe was included in my last newsletter.

Other times I’m out and it’s not as easy. I generally can find something but it’s not always the something I really want to eat. A friend said well you can always have grilled chicken over greens. This is true but who wants to eat that every time you go out? Boring!

Happily many restaurants are offering some better options. I’m constantly surprised by how many places cater to all of my restrictions. Those who don’t have specific gluten and/or dairy free menus are pretty happy to accommodate my needs. I’m not asking that they create a meal for me but they’re happy to swap out sides or omit the cheese. (those with celiac disease need to know there is no cross contamination with wheat and should avoid restaurants that don’t use separate prep area, pots, pans, etc).

Grocery stores usually have a gluten-free section and there are even a few markets that are completely gluten-free. Recently we stopped at a Wegman’s on our way home, they had a big selection of gluten-free items which were all together so I didn’t have to wander all over the store. They also carry dairy free coconut milk ice-cream, which was a bonus.

New to this? Go online to find gluten-free places near you, ask friends and acquaintances for recommendations. Like any change it takes a little time to get used to but it gets easier and becomes a habit.

Feeling overwhelmed and not sure how to make changes with your eating, gluten-free or otherwise? Email me,, to schedule a 30 minute power session to help you find the foods that will have you feeling your best. Why feel bloated, tired and in pain when there is a way to have relief?