Getting Back on Track

e_may_photo_1I’ve gained some weight and I am not happy. It feels embarrassing to admit it since I know what to eat and what to do. Sometimes stress does get the better of me, I’ve been sitting more than usual and I’ve been hungrier than usual. I’m sure I could have made some better choices along the way as well.

It’s not a big amount and I can get rid of it; I have the tools and knowledge. Yes, it’s a challenging time of year with parties and holidays but it can be done in a way where I know I won’t feel deprived. It helps to remember that while some of the food is amazing at these parties often times it’s not something that you can’t get during the rest of the year. If it’s not special and amazing why bother?

Two other things that are going to help: Marathon training started yesterday and I’m getting a digital Smart Scale that tracks weight, body fat, muscle mass and body water. It will sync my stats to My Fitness Pal so I can track everything in one place without writing everything down.To be honest it sounds a bit intimidating but  will keep me honest if nothing else. (Stats and numbers are simply information, they don’t define who or what you are)

Why am I sharing this? Because life happens to all of us. I’m not perfect and I don’t expect my clients to be either. It’s good to be able to recognize that you have to reset your eating and get back on track. It’s great when you know you have the tools and the motivation so you can achieve your goals.

What are you finding challenging this season? Is there something you feel you need extra support around? You can reach me at to schedule a time to speak. I can consult via phone or Skype if you’re not in the NYC area..